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The greater good begins in the cloud

Digital and mobile have allowed nonprofits to activate supporters and reach those in need like never before. That’s why nonprofits have leaped at the opportunity to become truly digital organizations. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, you get a single secure place to collaborate, manage and secure all of your content and processes. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps you already know and love, Box provides a single, secure content layer to empower the digital workplace.

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Connecting for better outcomes

gs飞艇官网We donate and discount Box for thousands of nonprofits around the world  so they can execute and scale programs, generate support and streamline administration to better focus on their mission. Collaborate securely on content in real time. Coordinate teams in the field. Automate repetitive processes internally or externally. With Box, get a single platform for your organization to work as one.

Medair relieves suffering with better tools

Build a digital workplace

Create a unified workspace to securely store, manage, share and collaborate on rich digital assets related to comms, fundraising, grants or programs, and make sharing these assets across departments secure and easy.

Power the digital organization

Support comms, fundraising, grantmaking and program team members share and collaborate on content with external beneficiaries, grantees, nonprofit partners, volunteers and vendors.

Collect and collaborate on field assets

Collect stories, photos, voice files and videos from the field on mobile — then store, share and collaborate on them more easily. It’s a better, faster way to tell inspiring stories that help further the cause.

Custom program content applications

gs飞艇官网Weave Box into your intranet and other systems using Box APIs, and build custom program content management and collaboration tools that better serve your partners, donors and beneficiaries.

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