Box for Healthcare

Improve patient care in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Better patient outcomes start in the cloud

When every second counts, digital business processes give healthcare teams the data they need at the point of care. But you can’t just flip a switch and become a digital organization. You need to transform the way you work. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, you get a single place to collaborate, manage and secure all of your content and processes — while maintaining compliance and adherence to industry standards like HIPAAgs飞艇官网. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps you already know and love, Box provides a single, secure content layer to power the digital workplace.

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Streamline care and case management

gs飞艇官网Healthcare providers, researchers and administrators get HIPAA-compliant access to patient health records. Work from any device. Easily collaborate on patient care with other care providers and stakeholders. With Box, get a single platform to work as one.

Providence Anesthesiology provides better care in the cloud

Enable secure HIPAA-compliant mobility

Enable doctors to access critical documents on the go while securing Protected Health Information (PHI).

Improve care coordination

Centralize departmental assets and enable care teams to coordinate on patient care and DICOM studies for better quality outcomes.

Improve second opinion management

Empower patients to quickly and securely get a second opinion on diagnoses from outside physicians.

Streamline research

Collaborate on research across departments and externally with other academic medical centers.

Streamline forms & consent

Allow members to upload, download or e-sign forms from their mobile device.

Deliver patient education

Push patient-focused guidelines or educational content including videos and rich media.


Ready to get started?

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