Box for Education

Build a connected campus for faculty and students

The next brilliant idea begins in the cloud

Education is all about the transmission of information. Giving students access to the information they need — and enabling the free flow of ideas between campuses, faculty and researchers — is the promise of digital transformation. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, you have a single place for everyone to collaborate, share and learn — while you manage and secure access to content. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps you already know and love, Box provides a single, secure content layer so you can quickly graduate to the digital campus.

Carnegie mellon
cornell university
penn state
yale university
Rosetta stone

Connecting great minds

gs飞艇官网Educators, administrators and students can easily share their work, collaborate on group projects and streamline research and innovation. Digitize administrative workflows. Set access rules for the way content is shared in the cloud. Deliver amazing learning experiences. With Box, get a single platform to bring great minds together.

Kingston University transforms education

Simplify sharing for faculty, researchers and staff

gs飞艇官网Collaborate on research projects, distribute course content and support classroom presentations with controlled access and intellectual property protection.

Give students anytime, anywhere access

Open the door to learning from anywhere with mobile access to content and unlimited storage, backed by single sign-on credentials.

Tighten campus information security

gs飞艇官网Ensure compliance with policies and regulations through rich admin controls and enterprise security features, like remote logout and granular access permissions.

Replace outdated infrastructure

Simplify IT management and reduce costs by moving centralized, departmental content and collaborative systems to the cloud.

Secure content across any application

gs飞艇官网Integrate with leading learning platforms like Blackboard and Canvas and productivity solutions like Office 365 and Google for Education to eliminate content silos and duplication.

Digitize administrative workflows

gs飞艇官网Modernize processes for managing procurement and contracts, consolidating records, going paperless and automating complex workflows.


Ready to get started?

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