Box GxP Validation

Accelerated validation with continuous testing

Box GxP Validation

Your regulated and non-regulated content, now in the cloud

Box GxP Validation enables pharma and life sciences organizations to validate Box so they can work with, manage and distribute all of their clinical, lab and manufacturing content. By standardizing both your regulated and unregulated content with Cloud Content Management, you get collaboration, mobility, enterprise-grade security and compliance for everything.

One centralized, secure platform

With Box GxP Validation, your regulated and unregulated content can be standardized on a single content management platform. That way, you eliminate inefficient silos between multiple repositories and collaborate easily both inside your company and with CROs, CMOs and investigator sites. Plus, you can be confident that all your content is on one compliant and secure platform without having to diagnose its sensitivity, while also decommissioning expensive legacy GxP-compliant environments.

Always-on testing speeds up validation

gs飞艇官网Box GxP Validation exposes always-on testing of core Box functionality, meaningfully reducing the time your organization spends validating compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies. This ensures the Box core features are always functioning as intended and prevents you from having to do your own testing. And in conjunction with validation reports and templates designed specifically for agile cloud platforms, you can save a significant amount on validation costs and retire big validation projects.

Key features

Comprehensive Quality Management System

gs飞艇官网An annual audit provides Quality Management System documentation and demonstrates that our new features and functionality follow well-defined change control processes. You also get access to third party audit reports for added confidence.

Validation Accelerator Pack

The Validation Accelerator Pack includes validation lifecycle documents, with guidance for validating the Box platform to be used for regulated content.

Automated daily compliance

gs飞艇官网As part of Box GxP Validation, Box shares an automated testing report with Box admins every day. The report displays results from a comprehensive set of tests of Box functionality at the API layer, assuring customers that Box is operating “as intended.”

Box GxP Validation webinar

gs飞艇官网Accelerate validation in the cloud with always-on testing

Box GxP Validation datasheet

Enable digital transformation with validation in the cloud

Discover how to accelerate your validation process with Box GxP Validation

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